About the Band
Sample Music

Lead Guitarist Al Francis with his guitar collection

Guitars from left to right :

Epiphone Rivierra CH , Celebrity Ovation Model CC67,

Gibson Ebony Les Paul Custom (1997), Hohner Model HFA 550 ,

Gibon Les Paul Smartwood, Yamaha CPX 10 Compass series six string acoustic. Yamaha SG200 Sunburst with split coil pick ups

Front  : American Fender Stratocaster Sunburst (1978)

PS: Hes also just bought a tenor sax and is learning to play. Expect to see it at a gig near you soon!.


Lead Guitarist Neal Thomas with his guitar collection

Guitars from left to right :

2005 Gibson Les Paul 1960's Re-issue

80's Squire Silver series Stratocaster c/w Gotoh tuners, Duncan Hotrails pick-ups in neck and bridge positions / Duncan Staggered '56 in middle and custom wiring

2003 Paul Reed Smith Custom22 with Artist Pack

80's Charvel Model 3 DR

90's Ibanez S370

80's Fender Contemporary Telecaster

Effects : Robert Keeley Tubescreamer. Morley Bad Horsie Wah Digitech GNX3 and Boss various pedals

Amplifiers :

On Left - Marshall JVM 410H with 1960A cab

On Right - Marshall TSL100 with 1960A cab


Bass Guitarist Kev Jones with his guitars

A vintage Guild bass guitar and a custom made Cairnes bass, together with a 5 string Yamaha. Amplification is by Ampeg and Ashdown and he tweaks his sound with a Line 6 Bass Pod


 Drummer Paul 'Peo' Pearson with his kit

Currently using DW drums (an exotic in hard satin) which look and sound truly amazing!!!! Cymbals are by Sabian (AAX) and hardware by Pearl except the bass drum pedal which is a DW 9000 limited edition titanium job that is as smooth as silk (an a lot faster than I can do it justice) but what a lovely piece of kit.